4-year-old Traveler Calls Out Woman for Putting Her ‘Stinky Feet’ on His Armrest in Hilarious Video

Being crammed into an airplane in an overly small seat alongside hundreds of other people brings out the worst of humanity. Squabbles over arm rests and floor space are the norm — while some passengers like to make themselves a little too comfortable.

That’s exactly what 4-year-old Rodney Small encountered during his first roundtrip flight: a bare — and allegedly smelly — foot from the row behind him resting on his armrest. Small, who was flying to Texas with his father after a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida, took action.

“There’s stinky feet behind me!” he said in a video his dad posted on YouTube, before exclaiming, “It’s a lady!”

Then, without much hesitation, he confronted the source of the stinky feet directly: “Why does somebody have … feet behind me? Why do you have your feet behind me?”

Unlike most adults, who might have noticed the foot but gone for a more passive-aggressive approach to avoid confrontation, Small took the direct route. His father, Darryl Small — who filmed the video — told Good Morning America that his son spoke out because he’s been told to keep his feet off the furniture.

“He was just curious as to why that rule didn’t apply to the lady sitting behind him,” said Darryl Small. “I wasn’t offended at all but his reaction just caught me by surprise and ended up being the highlight of our trip.”

Apparently, being direct worked. Darryl Small says the woman apologized and Rodney Small didn’t have to endure a flight that smelled like feet.